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Degree Programme in Aviation and Tourism Business, Pasila campus, Master education

Degree Programme in Aviation and Tourism Business, Pasila campus, Master education

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​DP in Aviation and Tourism Business in a Nutshell


Master of Hospitality Management

Degree level:

Master's degree

Extent of the DP:

90 ECTS credits

Duration of the DP:

1.5-3 years

Study mode:

Part-time master programme

Regulations and Assessment:

See Degree Regulations and assessment >>

Programme requirements:

  • Compulsory studies 20 ECTS
  • Specialisation Studies 20 ECTS
  • Free-choise studies 20 ECTS
  • Thesis 30 ECTS

General arrangements for the recognition of prior learning:

See Haaga-Helia's general arrangements for the recognition of prior learning >>

Admission requirements:

Act of Polytechnics 14.11.2014/932  §25

Before applying see the admission criteria at !

Access to further study:

  • University studies
  • Open University studies

Students can choose their specialisation area from the following options:

  • Experience Economy and Designing Services (Pasila/Haaga)
  • Strategic Thinking and Management (Pasila)
  • Leadership and People Management (Pasila)
  • Leading Sales and Customer Experience (Pasila)
  • Communication and Marketing Management (Pasila)
  • Entrepreneurial Business Management (Pasila)
  • Digital Business Opportunities (Pasila)


The students represent various nationalities and work in organisations operating in global settings, which allows learning to take place in multicultural teams. The learning assignments mirror professional's work in a global setting. The students can also take part in an exchange program with selected partner universities of Haaga-Helia UAS.

Employment opportunities after graduation:

The programme encourages students to study and work concurrently, which gives the students the opportunity to integrate real-life projects in studies. This exchange between work and study enhances the skills and competencies the students need to advance professionally.

The programme gives the students excellent qualifications for a variety of managerial and specialist positions. The students could be working in the following positions: Key Account Manager, Business Travel Specialist and Revenue Manager. 

Cooperation with business life and other associates:

The studies and learning assignments seek to mirror the everyday business in corporations and other organisations. The learning sessions include guest lectures, visits and/or real-life cases to be solved. In addition, the thesis project itself is a development project in an authentic organisation context.
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