Student exchange - explore destinations and plan

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Student exchange means that Haaga-Helia degree student studies abroad for one semester in one of Haaga-Helia's partner universities and completes courses offered by the partner university. After the exchange semester, credits completed at the partner university will be transferred to the student's degree at Haaga-Helia.

Student exchange abroad gives you a great chance to increase your international competence, develop your language skills and study new subjects. It also gives you an opportunity to establish an international professional network, not to mention friendships and an experience of a lifetime!

Haaga-Helia has more than 200 partner institutions. Among these institutions, you can choose the destination that suits your degree programme and study plans and apply for an exchange for one semester. On this page, you will find advice on how to plan your exchange semester.

There are three application rounds organised every year. For more information about the application and selection criteria, see Applying for student exchange website.

Explore destinations

When considering suitable destinations, first check courses offered, the language of tuition and the timing of the host institution's semesters. You can find information about these from the exchange destination database. There is often competition for some of the most popular places so it's wise to choose more than just one option. Explore destinations carefully well ahead before the application period starts and compare the destinations that your are interested in.

In the database, you can find the following information:

  • The destinations that are open for your degree programme
  • Number of exchange places per academic year
  • Teaching language and language requirements
  • Semester dates
  • Links to course offerings

In addition to these, you will find information about accommodation and other practical arrangements. You will find valuable information also by reading previous exchange students' travel reports.

If you don't find a suitable exchange destination among Haaga-Helia partner institutions, you can also apply for exchange as a free mover student (link).

Degree-specific information and recommendations for exchange

In order to successfully plan your exchange studies, you need to know the basic structure of your own degree programme and fit the exchange studies into your personal study plan. Usually, exchange studies consist of 30 ECTS, which are transferred to your Haaga-Helia degree.

Recognition of studies after exchange

After the exchange, your credits will be transferred into your Haaga-Helia degree according to the Learning Agreement which you have made with your International Affairs Specialist. The credits earned during your exchange semester will be transferred as ”H” (pass) to Peppi. The original grade can always be seen from the transcript you receive from the host institution.

For the recognition of studies, log into the MoveON to fill in the Student Exchange Travel Report and the After Mobility Form. Your International Affairs Specialist will transfer the credits in due time after you have submitted all the required documents.