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The business model has a best before date. Even the best companies need to update their thinking about business as markets and technologies evolve. Business design brings a systemic approach around product or service development.

Business design helps companies respond to change

The ever-changing world requires companies to constantly innovate. Business design has emerged as one of the most important tools to address this challenge and support the proactive renewal of companies.

At the heart of business design is the idea of ​​constantly experimenting with something new, testing ideas, involving stakeholders and thereby learning.

StartUp School Business Design

  • Study business design.

  • Haaga-Helia's experts combine scientific research data with experience gained from practical development work.

  • We will help your company innovate We provide a proven structure and models to support the launch of business design for your company.

  • Our experienced facilitators help identify innovation needs related to value creation, value production, and earnings logic.

We are now looking for companies for the Kinesis Innovation Program. The program is aimed at SMEs launching a renewal project or who are on the verge of change. Through the Management Path, the people in charge of the company get the keys to managing the innovation culture and to the participatory development work of the entire staff through webinars and workshops. The Innovation Path, on the other hand, shapes new business models. Workshops for a wider range of staff offer the opportunity for rapid development work.

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