Special Needs Teachers

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Haaga-Helia supports and assists students with dyslexia, or other related learning difficulties by providing special arrangements and special needs services that facilitate studies at the UAS.

Students diagnosed with dyslexia are advised to contact Haaga-Helia’s special needs teachers. On the grounds of the evidenced diagnosis, students will be given an individualized report which indicates the special needs arrangements learners are entitled to during their studies at Haaga-Helia.

All students who suspect an unidentified learning difficulty are also recommended to set an appointment with one of the special needs teachers.

Special needs teachers available for international students

Nina Koivisto

  • Students in Digital Business Unit
  • Book your appointment by using Doodle. You can use your student ID (e.g. abc123) while making the booking.
  • Contact: nina.koivisto@haaga-helia.fi / 040 488 7096

Salme Rautiainen

Heikki Ursin

  • Haaga, Porvoo and Vierumäki
  • Contact: heikki.ursin@haaga-helia.fi / 050 5250 415 / Haaga campus 1st floor, room G202 (near library).
  • Porvoo and Vierumäki upon appointment via phone or e-mail according to booked times.  
  • Porvoo: Guidance counsellor room 3605

Janne Mertala (students in Master's degree programmes)

  • Students in Master's degree programmes
  • English degrees: If your mother tongue is other than Finnish, contact Janne Mertala. If your mother tongue is Finnish, contact the special needs teacher of your degree as follows:
    • IT degrees: Nina Koivisto
    • International Business in Helsinki: Salme Jarvansalo
    • English degrees in Haaga, Porvoo and Vierumäki: Heikki Ursin
  • Book your appointment by e-mail or telephone: janne.mertala@haaga-helia.fi / 040 488 7524

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