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Service Design training courses

Service Design training courses


Service Design provides participants with human-centred approaches that focus on the user’s experience while providing services that are useful, usable, and desirable as well as effective, efficient, and distinctive. Indeed, Service Design is the craft of tying together human, digital, and physical interactions, over time and space, to create an experience that meets the needs and exceed the expectations of users, staff and partners.


This training, in English, is intended for participants from all walks of life who wish to learn to design service concepts, processes, and systems in a manner that enables the value-in-use; i.e. experiences that happen over time and across different touchpoints.


This six-day training will provide an hands-on intensive and holistic experience on designing a service based on a real service business case that will take participants through a full service design cycle – discover, develop, deliver.

The training covers the following:

  • Design thinking and service design concepts, terminology and principles
  • User-centred service development processes
  • Service design processes
  • Methods and tools for service design (e.g. personas, user journeys, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, SAP-Scenes)
  • Gaining empathy and understanding users, the company and stakeholders
  • Giving strategic direction
  • Defining problem and/or opportunity
  • Creativity for useful, usable, and desirable service innovations
  • Co-creating service solutions - concepts, processes or systems
  • Prototyping - Visualising and explaining effective, efficient, and distinctive service concepts, processes or systems
  • Developing profitable business models for service solutions


  • Fri 29.1.2021
  • Sat 30.1.2021
  • Fri 19.3.2021
  • Sat 20.2021
  • Sat 17.4.2021
  • Sat 15.5.2021

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Trained by service design experts from Haaga-Helia’s LAB8:



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