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Degree programme in Tourism and Hospitality Business, Master of Hospitality Management
Master's Studies | 90 ECTS
Degree Programme in Sustainable Aviation Business, Master of Business Administration
Master's Degree | 90 ECTS | Online Studies
Degree programme in Strategising in Organisations, Master of Business Administration
Master's Studies | 90 ECTS | Online Studies
Entrepreneurial Business Management, Master's Specialisation
Communication and Marketing Management, Master's Specialisation
Strategic Thinking and Management, Master's Specialisation
Leading Sales and Customer Experience, Master's Specialisation
Leadership and Human Resource Management, Master's Specialisation
Experience Economy and Designing Services, Master's Specialisation
Information Services and Systems, Master's Specialisation
Digital Business Opportunities, Master's Specialisation
Master of Hospitality Management | Master of Business Administration
Degree programme in Leading Business Transformation, Master of Business Administration
Master's degree | 90 ECTS