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Resit course exams

Students may resit failed or passed course exams twice on two general course re-examination dates announced at the beginning of the course or by another arrangement (e.g. using an online examination system). This does not apply to demonstrations, project works or other one-off learning situations. The highest of the achieved grades will be awarded. (Haaga-Helia degree regulations 7 §.)

If the student has enrolled for a resit and s/he fails to attend the resit without a notification in advance, this will be considered a resit. Students cannot attempt to improve their grades after degree completion. (Haaga-Helia degree regulations 7 §.)

Students’ coursework is kept on file for six months after the publication of the grades. Incomplete coursework has to be completed during the six months as agreed with the teacher. (Haaga-Helia degree regulations 7 §.)

Remember to take your identity card to the examination!

Re-examination dates

There are no general re-examination dates on Malmi, Pasila, Porvoo and Vierumäki Campuses. Re-examinations are arranged in electronic examination system called "Exam". You will receive re-examination instructions from your teacher in the beginning of each course. Please consult your teacher directly about taking re-examinations.

Read more about Exam system and how to enroll to exams in Exam >>

Campus specific instructions and timetables

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