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Refugees' Working Life Skills - from Recognition to Employment

The goal of the project is to facilitate employment of the refugees who have arrived in Finland.

The project helps refugees who have the right to work or who may be getting the right soon. The primary target group is Ukrainian refugees.

Indirect target groups are employers in the capital area, as well as  organizations working with refugees, such as reception centers, city and state employment services, and other organizations working with refugees’ employment.

The project aims to

  • map and acknowledge refugees' skills, also entrepreneurial skills
  • devise the minimum skill set to get a job in cooperation with employers
  • develop refugees' skills through intensive training and coaching

We aim to create a model for determining the competence level of refugees arriving in the country to effectively lead them to working life or training to improve relevant skills. The model takes into account the most common barriers of employment faced by refugees, and in particular insufficient language skills.


Refugees' Working Life Skills - from Recognition to Employment

Project manager: Pirjo Saaranen

Duration: 04/2023–03/2025

Funding: ESR+


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