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Nordic Ideation Network

Nordic Ideation Network

The Nordic Ideation Network is a network between Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Estonian Business School (Estonia) and Copenhagen Business Academy (Denmark). Our three institutions have chosen to start this network because we offer similar programmes to students within international business studies and share many values and beliefs, which make it meaningful to share best practice with each other.

We share a focus on applied science, innovation and entrepreneurship and deem a close cooperation with real-life businesses very important to our students and educational offer. Although we share these similarities, we currently practice teaching differently. As partners in this network we can inspire and learn from each other’s different pedagogical approaches and ways of working with companies. The overall aim of the network is to use sharing of best practice as a means to gain inspiration tohow each of our institutions can stage and implement even more meaningful student learning with an entrepreneurial and innovative angle to the benefit of large groups of students and teachers at all three HEI's.

Year 1 we intent to get to know each other´s practices though teacher mobility and network meetings, where we start planning the implementation of the future student-focused activities. From year 2 we will implement a yearly repeated Nordic Ideation Camp for students from all three institutions and share/improve best practice learning in relation to this student activity. Each year we will change the location of the camp, the theme and the real-life business challenge the students have to solve.

Coordinator: Copenhagen Business Academy (Cphbusiness) (DK-Cphbusiness)

Project Manager in Haaga-Helia: Marika Alhonen

Duration: 2016 - 2019

Financer: Nordplus