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BUSCO - Building sustainable and resilient communities through co-creation between universities and businesses, aims at improving the universities’ capacity to promote sustainable community development, entrepreneurship and communities’ resilience in two Tanzanian universities and in their environment: UoI and SEKOMU.


The Southern partner universities are located in the regions of Southern Highlands and Tanga. The activities in the project are based on a multisectoral and Living Lab approach to community development. The social, economic and environmental perspectives are linked in the curriculum development and co-creation of community development practices, counselling and entrepreneurship. The outputs of the project are:

  • Revised curriculums
  • Creation of the joint online Master Programme on Community Development, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution
  • A co-creative model “Living Lab” for university community/business collaboration developed and established
  • Improvement of e-learning and ICT facilities
  • Quality assurance tools developed and established

Target markets and users

As a result of the project the partner universities and their surrounding communities have an improved capacity to promote sustainable local community development and entrepreneurship. In the long term the project will make a contribution to an improved standard of living in the communities.

Duration: April 2017 - March 2020

Project coordination: Diak

Project manager at Haaga-Helia: Sakariina Heikkanen

Partners: Diak, Haaga-Helia, University of Iringa, Tanzania (Uol), Sebestian Kolowa Memorial University, Tanzania (SEKOMU)

Funding: CIMO - HEI ICI – international development cooperation programme for higher education (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)