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The best for the community (Yhteisön parhaaksi)

The Yhteisön parhaaksi project studies and develops the promotion of pedagogical well-being and mutual leadership in higher education communities.

The participatory research and development process of the project involves higher education communities in the implementation. The participatory approach is intended to generate practical knowledge to solve human problems and develop practices. Through the promotion of pedagogical well-being, the workload of the higher education community and other stress problems in work communities can be influenced.

Research and development issues of the project

What kind of interaction promotes pedagogical well-being? 
1. How does the higher education institution build a culture of interaction and enable community leadership? 
2. How does the higher education institution support and guide interactive and collaborative leadership by middle management? 
3. How does the higher education institution support and guide the work and pedagogical well-being of staff?

Yhteisön parhaaksi - the best for the community

Duration: 9/2023–9/2025

Project leader: Kimmo Mäki

Funding: Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ's Occupational Wellbeing Fund

Researcher development team: Kimmo Mäki, Eevastiina Gjerstad, Hannu Kotila, Pirjo Aura and Crister Nyberg

Principal Lecturer
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