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A student graduated on 1 August 2008 or thereafter: order a certified true copy of your degree certificate here.

NB these instructions are for students graduated on 1 August 2008 or thereafter. Students graduated before 1 August 2008, please contact Study Services before making the order and payment.

With the form below you can order a certified true copy of your Haaga-Helia degree certificate. It is possible to order a copy of your degree certificate only after you have graduated. 

Please read the following instructions before ordering a copy of your degree certificate:

  • A graduated student from Haaga-Helia can get one copy of her/his degree certificate.
  • Copies of degree certificates will be mailed for 50 euros.
  • A graduated student who is applying to a foreign academy that demands that Haaga-Helia sends them a copy of the student's degree certificate directly can exceptionally order more than one certified true copy of her/his degree certificate. Each copy sent by Haaga-Helia costs 50 euros.
  • A copy of your degree certificate will be sent to you in two weeks as a regular letter to the address you have given on this form. Please note that public holidays may affect the delivery time.
  • Haaga-Helia does not take responsibility for the postal delivery.
  • You can also get certified true copies from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. For more information, please visit their website: Digital and Population Data Agency

Additional instructions for students graduated from Haaga and Vallila campuses:

  • Students graduated from Haaga campus before the year 1998 should be in contact with Study Services at Haaga Campus. It is not possible to order a certified true copy of your degree certificate with this form if you have graduated before the year 1998.
  • Students graduated from Vallila campus have their degree certificates filed at Pasila Campus. Please choose Pasila as the campus of the degree programme when filling in the form.

Before you fill in the form, please authenticate using your online banking codes. After the authentication, you can continue to the form. The payment is done through your online bank after you have filled in the form. The system logs off automatically after a set period of inactivity so please pay the charge right after you have filled in the form. The charge is non-refundable.

Ordering a certified copy of a degree certificate


Order without Finnish online banking codes

If it is not possible for you to identify through Suomi.fi identification with Finnish online banking codes, you can use the form below. We will then direct you to our partner organization’s site to make the identification. More information about the identification after filling in the order.

Before filling in the form below, please pay the handling fee of 50 euros.

Payment information:

  • Recipient: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  • IBAN: FI6750000120477483 (BIC OKOYFIHH)
  • Amount: €50,00
  • Reference number: 9111024
  • NB the charge is non-refundable

Attach the receipt of the payment to the e-form.

The receipt of payment must include the reference number, the name of the student and the bank archiving code which proves that the payment has been executed.

Link to the e-form below:

Form for ordering a certified true copy of a graduated student’s degree certificate (without Suomi.fi)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Study Services.

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