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StartUp School

StartUp School

Do you want to create a meaningful career that looks like you? Welcome to StartUp School!

All StartUp School courses abecome available for you through open university of applied sciences. Studies are based on a practical approach and learning by doing with an aim in starting your own business or in developing an existing one – while earning study credits. You can also join just to develop your entrepreneurial mindset which is something everyone needs nowadays. Combine an entrepreneurship module from StartUp School’s course selection, and earn more credibility as an expert of the future!

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Some of StartUp School’s most popular courses:


Create Your Future (5 ECTS)

Our popular Create Your Future now also in English! The online course contains interesting, high-quality lectures where successful people tell their experiences and epiphanies about entrepreneurship. You will learn self-knowledge, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving. You do not need a business idea to work with but on the other hand, the course offers valuable learnings to seasoned entrepreneurs as well.

The implementation is fully online: 2. period 26.10-18.12.

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Workshops for Action (5 ECTS)

Workshops for Action gives you practical skills to develop your business idea or ongoing business further. In most of the workshops you should have at least some kind of a business idea to work with. Pick five workshops of choice, combine a portfolio and that’s it.

2.9. Google Tools (Johanna Mäkeläinen)
9.9. Starting and scaling profitable social media ads (Ville Vänni)
16.9. Johda, haasta, buustaa – johda esiin paras versio itsestäsi! (Petteri Tiljander, Hanna Kangas)
23.9. Cash Flow Estimate (Mikko Järvinen)
30.9. Yrittäjän verotus – tilitoimisto hoitaa, yrittäjä vastaa! (Anne Arkima)
7.10. Henkilöbrändäys (Jenni Brisk) NB: change of date
14.10. Sisältömarkkinointi ja SEO (Johanna Mäkeläinen)
4.11. Rethinking Africa (Peter Vesterbacka) NB: change of date
11.11. Team Dynamics (Daniil Pokidko)​
18.11. Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021 (Lasse Rouhiainen)
25.11. Scenario Mapping (Timo-Pekka Uotila)
2.12. Asiakaspolun kehittäminen (Katariina Sommerschield)
9.12. Tulevaisuuden yrittäjä – Kaikki, mitä sinun tulee tietää YEL-vakuutuksesta! (Anton Ropa, Työeläkeyhtiö Elo)
16.12. Sales Circle (Leena Törmälä)


NOCCA Hackathon (5 ECTS)

During the course you will learn:
1. Idea creation
2. Demand verification
3. Business model creation
4. Pitching
5. Developing the idea further to a potential cross-border company
6. How to scale up the business and how to grow it
7. Basics of internationalizing the startup

The course consists of three main events: Hackathon, Scalability and growth workshop and Acceleration and idea bootcamp. NOCCA is a cross-border project coordinated by Haaga-Helia and funded by Interreg Central Baltic. The other project partners are Stockhom School of Economics in Riga, Technopol and Mektory.

Registration deadline: 11.9.2020
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Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset (5 ECTS)

Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset is perfect when you have an idea, and you would like to see if it’s worth advancing. During the course you will also think about yourself as an entrepreneur. This course is fully online.

Implementation: 1. period 1.9.-16.10.

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Coaching (5 ECTS)

Coaching is a learning process, in which the coach and the student have goal-oriented, confidential discussions on topics which are important and relevant to the student. StartUp School can offer you a coach in entrepreneurship. This means five meetings either live or online with your coach, and assignments related to your goals.

You can start the course, if  you have completed Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset (WOR8HH022) course, or you have a well-defined business idea, or an ongoing business.

Implementation: Start any time on any campus.

Enrollment: email and explain your business idea, targets and development areas for the coaching. Those could be for example business development, developing your personal entrepreneurial skills, communication, team management skills, budgeting etc.

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