OODI studies


OODI studies are aimed at persons who have been granted temporary protection in Finland.

The OODI project is a training program funded with a special grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture.  

The training is provided by five Finnish universities of applied sciences: Haaga-Helia, HAMK, Laurea, Metropolia, and Xamk. The courses are primarily online, which means little to no scheduling conflicts or commuting. The studies are conducted predominantly in English, so participants without Finnish language skills are welcome.

The studies offer learning solutions for various levels, from developing common digital literacy skills to demanding professional skills in the ICT industry or marketing. Language studies and career guidance are integrated into the studies to support participants' progress in their studies and their career development. The goal is to offer new competences, which are in high demand globally.   

OODI course topics

OODI studies in Haaga-Helia

Haaga-Helia's OODI courses in spring 2023 will be implemented between 26 February and 17 May 2024. You can enrol for as many courses from the OODI course selection as you wish.

The scope of the course is announced as study credits (cr). One credit corresponds to 27 hours of work, so for example, a 5 cr course that is implemented during 8 weeks requires 15 hours of work weekly. Learning is based on skills, so the time spent on studying depends on the starting level and study skills of the student.

The Keys to Studies and Career and English for Employment and Studies courses have contact teaching weekly. The other OODI courses are implemented as virtual or online courses with assignments to be returned each week.

It is possible to study OODI courses while working. However, this will require initiative and time management skills.

Haaga-Helia's course offering in spring 2024

Learn more about OODI courses in other universities of applied sciences:

HAMK / Laurea / Metropolia / Xamk



Enrolment instructions

The enrolment period for Oodi courses in spring 2024 is  from 10 January to 12 February 2024.

  • Get acquainted with the OODI courses.
  • People fleeing war and eligible for temporary protection (https://migri.fi/en/temporary-protection) in Finland can be exempted from the open UAS fee with Migri decision of temporary protection and thus they can study these OODI courses without paying the fee.
  • Please fill in your personal information for Haaga-Helia's educational system and learning environment.
  • You will be contacted by Haaga-Helia's representative to ensure suitability to the studies.
  • You will receive more information about the studies and studying in Haaga-Helia after the enrolment has ended.
  • Courses will be implemented between 26 February and 17 May 2024.
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