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Downloads (Staff Week)

Downloads (Staff Week)

Monday 6 May

Official Welcome, President Dr. Teemu Kokko

Diversity in Organizations, Working in Multicultural Teams, Senior Lecturer Anita Pösö

Finnish Culture Uncovered, Senior Lecturer Violeta Salonen

Tuesday 7 May

Intercultural Encounters in our daily work, International Coordinators Sonja Valjus & Katri Salmi

Discussion about intercultural encounters in our daily work

What do we need to know about diversity in order to support well-being of all students? Study Psychologist Maiju Romo

Sense of community in university environment, University Chaplain Kaisa Iso-Herttua

How can we help immigrants to integrate in our country and hearing the voices of dirrerent religions in university dialogue, Senior Lecturers Birgitta Nelimarkka & Päivi Käri-Zein

Syrian refugees in Turkey: Social and economic impacts, Dr. Nazende Özkaramete Coşkun, Bilkent University

Wednesday 8 May

Welcome to Vierumäki by International Coordinator Mairit Pellinen

Vierumäki Campus presentation, Head of Campus, Teppo Rantala

EUDAPA - European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity, Senior Lecturer Jyrki Vilhu

Thursday 9 May

Sum up of the staff week: what good practice should I take with me?

Module Days

Admission and Student Services

Guidance at Haaga-Helia, Academic Advisor, Katariina Kainu

Students' well-being, Study Psychologist, Maiju Romo

Career and Recruitment Services

Career and Recruitment presentation, Timo Lampikoski and Jukka Väyrynen

Human Resource Services

Human resources at Haaga-Helia

International Services

International Haaga-Helia, Head of International Relations, Sirpa Holmström

Incoming Exchange, International Coordinators Sonja Valjus and Elin Andersson

Outgoing Exchange, International Coordinators Maarit Haukka and Laura Kohonen

Marketing and Communication

Branding with experts, Nina Finell

Marketing at Haaga-Helia, Hanna Kerman

Research, Development and Innovation

RDI presentation, Kati Takaluoma and Annika Suutari



Group Photo on Monday sightseeing by Claudia Jeltsch

Haaga-Helia International Staff Week 2019, group photo, Helsinki cathedral
















Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement Staff Exchange - Haaga-Helia template Accepted participants: please return the signed document to us scanned by email.