Just released report by CORSHIP project offers insights on corporate entrepreneurship (CE) approaches. Based on 12 expert interviews and literature research, the report presents following key findings:

  • Corporate-Startup collaboration in Europe is considered an important way to innovate
  • There are various goals for collaboration
    • Corporates: from corporate image building to talent acquisition, and from renewing corporate culture to taking advantage of the newest technologies when entering new markets
    • Startups: from access to resources to new market opportunities to gaining credibility
  • Collaboration partners should have a clear understanding of the common goal
  • Practices varies: from internal hackathons to sourcing startups to actual business relationships  
  • There are four types of collaboration depending on the focus (internal, external) and whether the goals for the collaboration are open or predetermined

Enjoy reading the full report with all details and get in touch, if you have questions or you want to give your feedback.

Be prepared to read the last research insights on corporate entrepreneurship education soon.



Disruptive innovation and digitalization are challenging Europe´s business and educational worlds. The concept of “Corporate Entrepreneurship” (CE), where established companies (corporates) team up with creative entrepreneurs, has huge potential to turn these challenges into opportunities. Corporates receive fresh ideas and startups – currently faced with high failure rates and competition for venture capital – receive new strong partners. More information on the CORSHIP project website>>