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Haaga-Helia’s corona policies for spring and summer – limited reopening of campuses in June

Haaga-Helia’s corona policies for spring and summer – limited reopening of campuses in June

Haaga-Helia’s campuses will be reopening, starting from the beginning of June, with certain limitations. Campus libraries will reopen their lending services, starting already on 18 May. The decisions concerning the start of autumn semester will be made 25 June at the latest. The management group decided about the policies for spring and summer in their meeting on 15 May.

We will continue working remotely until the end of May as agreed earlier. The campus libraries are an exception as they reopen the lending services on Monday, 18 May with some limitations, more information here.

Starting from June, visiting and working at campuses (for example to sign certificates) is possible with supervisor’s permission and given that the person follows the general safety guidelines. Workspaces for students on the campuses remain closed during the summertime.

Cleaning of the campus premises has been increased.

The second part of admission exams will be organised at Pasila campus on 23.-24. June (reserved additional day: 25 June). The personnel involved in the entrance examination will be informed separately according to the national guidelines.

In addition, Exam facilities will reopen in June with certain limitations. The exam space in Pasila will be reopened for 9 persons and the one in Porvoo for 2 persons at a time. The facilities will be open between 9 am and 3 pm. Other service and RDI operations remain closed until the end of summer semester.

Remote study during the summer semester

Academic counselling and small group meetings with less than 50 people can be arranged on campuses starting from June, following the general safety instructions. The summer semester (25 May – 21 August) will be conducted remotely as agreed earlier.

The campus facilities can be rented for groups with less than 50 persons. In these cases, the external operator is responsible for following the safety instructions.

Study or work related oversea travels of staff or students are predominantly not allowed before August.

Haaga-Helia’s policies regarding the start of autumn semester, organizing the orientation and exchange studies will be specified no later than 25 June, 2020.