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Get a library card in Tuudo!

Get a library card in Tuudo!

Haaga-Helia's students can now use Tuudo app as a library card. With Tuudo you can

•    borrow books from all 3UAS libraries
•    renew loans
•    see yours reservations and fees
•    check the libraries' opening hours and locate libraries on a map.

Soon, Tuudo will also remind you of due dates and notify when a reservation has arrived. Renewals and payment of fees are still done on our online library HH Finna.

You will find the Tuudo library card and other library services on Tuudo's side menu.

If you do not yet have Haaga-Helia's library card, you can activate Tuudo's library card at once, without a visit to the library. No separate library card is needed! After creating a Tuudo card, remember to link it to the HH Finna online library. This way you will be able to make reservations in HH Finna.

If you already have Haaga-Helia's library card or you prefer a traditional, plastic library card, you can activate it on Tuudo. If you have problems activating the card in Tuudo, update Tuudo to the latest version on the app store ja log in again. Log out is available on the Settings menu.

Tuudo mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.