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Alumni goes StartUp event brought together Haaga-Helia alumni interested in entrepreneurship

Alumni goes StartUp event brought together Haaga-Helia alumni interested in entrepreneurship

Haaga-Helia’s alumni services and StartUp School organized Alumni goes StartUp event on 30.9.2015 in YLE Loft. Alumni and students who are interested in entrepreneurship were invited. The goal of the event was to network, change thoughts, and offer assistance for alumni also after the graduation. StartUp School’s coaches were present to brainstorm alumni’s business ideas and answer their questions about entrepreneurship. Career coach Timo Lampikoski checked CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Phloopy’s Oy - founded by Haaga-Helia’s students - did the catering offering delicious crêpes. Phloopy’s is a good example of an enterprise that StartUp School has helped to set up.

It was delightful to see so many alumni at the event. Vuokko Koistila that graduated from the Service Business Management degree programme in 2013 praised the event. She said that she was interested in entrepreneurship, because it allowed to try out own options. When the labour market tightens, the number of applicants increase and that’s also why entrepreneurship is tempting. “You don’t necessarily find the job that you really want to do, and through entrepreneurship you have an option to create that job yourself”, Koistila says. Alumni event gave her longed-for tips on how to get started with founding a company. She was also pleased to get help with her CV and LinkedIn profile.

Kassu La Habana Reyes graduated from Haaga-Helia in 2014 and came to the event to meet new people, to learn something new, and to get wider perspective on his own work. He also wanted to offer his help to others by telling about his own experiences. La Habana Reyes founded a company with his friend in June 2014. The idea arose from their thesis. They generated, a mobile phone application for planning the evening. The application tells what’s happening and where, and one can also buy the tickets to the events only with a few clicks. At first the idea was to simplify ticket sales of student events but now the function has expanded to restaurants and nightclubs too. Nowadays five people run the company. La Habana Reyes told that he had got new customer contacts at the previous alumni event.

The event was very lively; people felt comfortable and shared their experiences and ideas. Clearly, there is a need for similar events also in the future.