Mentoring programme


Lead paragraph

Alumni mentoring programme offers students an opportunity to get a Haaga-Helia alumna or alumnus as a mentor.

What does mentoring mean?

Mentoring means that somebody is acting as a role model, a teacher and also as a friend to somebody. It means too that "elder" professionals educate the next generation opening doors, providing contacts, ideas and directions and giving "younger" increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. A mentor helps the mentee to find personal motives, roles and goals.

What does the programme offer for a mentor?

For the mentor, the programme provides an opportunity to develop social and interpersonal skills, develop networks, get personal satisfaction in coaching and helping others, receive information about the students' expectations and get reflection and constructive feedback.

If you want to share your knowledge and support students at their personal and professional development – participate in the mentoring programme. You will act as a coach and you have a possibility to encourage students at their studies towards graduation and moving to the business culture.

You must have time for the student and give the opportunity to dialogue. The mentor can be critical at their opinions, but at the same time constructive. It is important that a student thinks on their own and have their own ideas.

By participating in the mentoring programme you will get new experiences, contacts, knowledge of the mentoring. During the mentoring process, you have the opportunity to enjoy the discussions of your field with the future colleague.

Mentoring programme will give you:

  • fresh ideas
  • new motivation for the everyday work
  • interesting conversations
  • information about student life/studying
  • working life connections


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