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Loans services

Loans services

Library card
Forgot your PIN?
Loans, reservations and renewals
Loan periods
Returning loans


Library card

You need a library card to borrow items from the library.

You can also fill out the form at the library. Bring a photo ID with you when collecting your library card.

First thing after receiving your library card, you need to link it to HH Finna. This way you can use HH Finna to renew loans, place reservations and pay fines.

Haaga-Helia students and staff

1. Log in with your Haaga-Helia ID (HAKA login).
2. Read and accept terms.
3. Type your last name, library card number and your PIN code, and link your library card to your HH Finna account.
4. You can change your PIN code on the Profile tab. You will need your PIN code to borrow with self-service machines.

Other library patrons
1. Log in with your Haaga-Helia library card (type your last name, library card number (=barcode) and PIN code).
2. You can change the PIN code on the Profile tab. You will need your PIN code to borrow with self-service machines.

Forgot your PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you can reset PIN by contacting the customer service at the service desk in person, by phone, or by email. You can also use our form to reset the PIN.

The library card is personal, and the customer is responsible for all items checked out on his or her card. Notify the library immediately if you lose your library card.

You should also notify the library when your contact information changes. The library does not have access to updated address information in other systems such as that of the Academic Affairs Office.

Loans, reservations and renewals

You can borrow items from the collections of all five library branches and request titles to be sent to your branch from other branches free of charge. The easiest way to reserve titles and request transfers is to do it via HH Finna.

You will receive an email notification when the reserved title is ready for collection. Make sure you collect the reserved title or cancel the reservation on HH Finna if you no longer require it. We will charge a fee for uncollected reservations.

Self-service reservations are in use in the libraries of Haaga, Malmi, Pasila, and Porvoo (in other campus libraries possibly in the future). You can collect the material you have reserved from the pick-up shelf and borrow them using the self-service machine. Materials on the pick-up shelf are placed in alphabetical order according to customers’ names. If you you'd like to use the self-service reservations, please fill out a consent form available at the library service desk.

At other campus libraries, collect reservations at the library service desk.

You can renew loans by logging into HH Finna. Renewal is possible if the title is not reserved by other customers. Each loan can be renewed up to 20 times.




Loan periods Collections
28 days
  • Main collection
  • Course books (=LPT-kurssikirjat, Vierumäki)
  • Course books for students with print disabilities (read more)
14 days
  • Course books (except Vierumäki's course books)
  • Theses (Vierumäki's theses are not for loan, Haaga's theses published before 2005 are not for loan)
  • Short loans (Porvoo)
  • Journals (Porvoo)
  • Dictaphones (some devices have borrowing limitations)
  • Energy meters (Haaga)
5 days
  • Cameras (Pasila, some devices have borrowing limitations)
3 days
  • Calculators (Malmi)
1 day
  • Short loans (Haaga and Pasila)
  • Text books (Porvoo)
  • Calculators (Haaga, Pasila)
Not for loan
  • Reference copies
  • Journals (except Porvoo)
  • Reading room copies (Pasila)

Students with print disabilities

If you have difficulties reading printed text, you may be able to borrow library course books for four weeks. The longer loan period is also available for theses and dictaphones.

Contact the library and present a certificate on your print disability written by Haaga-Helia’s special needs teacher. The certificate can also be written by another special needs teacher, neuropsychologist or doctor. More information on Haaga-Helia’s special needs teachers and contact information is available on MyNet.

Information on the longer loan period will be entered in your client information in the library data system. The longer loan period is available when you borrow materials at library’s service desk. To renew your loan, contact library personnel either at the service desk, by phone or by e-mail.

Celia Library services

If you have a print disability, you can borrow course books in the form of talking books from Celia Library. The service is free of charge and available upon registering as a client at Celia. Registration will be made in Haaga-Helia Library against the library card. You don’t need to present a certificate on your print disability. If the course book you need is not already available in talking book format, it can be produced for you. The production of a new talking book takes about 3 months. Therefore, it is important to order the book in good time. More information is available at The Haaga-Helia Library will help you with your book orders.

Returning loans

You can return loaned items to any of the branches of the Haaga-Helia Library. If you return or renew a loan late, we will charge a late return fine. The charges can be checked from our price list. You can also return items outside the library’s opening hours. For this purpose, all our libraries have a returns box next to the library door, inside the campus building.