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Bachelor level studies, Porvoo

Bachelor level studies, Porvoo

The pedagogical approach of Porvoo Campus focuses on learning by doing so students are engaged in real life commissioned projects from the beginning of their studies. Commissioners are both domestic and international companies, and projects typically span over one semester. Read more about Porvoo Campus Philosophy.

Incoming exchange students are advised to choose one of the three main blocks presented in the course list as the courses in the blocks are linked and best done together. The rest of the courses can be chosen freely from the free choice studies or the advanced studies. The student can also choose to only study free choice and advanced studies.

A.  Choose a block and add some free choice studies and advanced studies
B.  Choose only Free choice studies and Advanced studies

Course Lists

Course selection guidelines

  • Normal course load is 30 ECTS/semester
  • Please make sure that your courses do not overlap
  • Course enrolment
  • Please note that students studying in Porvoo campus, cannot take courses from other campuses, since the distance to Helsinki is 50km. However online courses can be selected also from other campuses.

How to read the course list

  • VIR = Virtual/online course. Some of the online courses do not have any contact lessons and therefore there is no timetable in the course list. The lecturers of the online courses will contact the enrolled students via e-mail when the course begins.
  • INT= Intensive course. These courses are more intensive than normal courses and they have a special timetable.

Course Descriptions

Special Courses for Exchange Students

Finnish Culture and Society, CUL8PO027 - 3 ECTS

This course is recommended for international students who are studying in Finland. The course will increase cultural awareness and knowledge of Finnish study and business styles. Upon completion of the course, the student is able to understand Finnish culture, society and history on basic level. Also the Finnish lifestyle, customs and manners will become familiar. The student will also learn some basic sayings of Finnish language and has an opportunity to try winter/ summer outdoor activities. The course is strongly linked to Porvoo region, which gives new students of Porvoo Campus possibility to adapt more easily their new study environment and region.

Did you know that Finland was a part of Sweden for over 500 years? Is it really true that Finnish men don't kiss and talk? What is behind the Finnish educational success story?  Do the angry birds conquer the world and are women and men equal in Finland? In this course we discuss all these questions. Welcome to enjoy this course!

More information: Mari Austin (mari.austin(a)