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Visa and Residence Permit

1. Do I need to apply for a visa or a residence permit for Finland?





Non-EU citizens

Yes, before arrival



EU citizens

Yes (Right to Reside), after arrival



Nordic Country Citizens




2. I'm not an EU citizen, but I study a degree in an EU country and I have a residence permit in this EU country. Do I need a new residence permit for Finland?

If you have a valid residence permit issued by another EU Member State and you will study at Haaga-Helia UAS via student exchange programme (Erasmus+, Nordplus or bilateral), you do not have to apply for residence permit to Finland. Instead you should make a mobility notification to Finland.


1. Will I receive a written acceptance letter of my exchange period by mail?

No. Acceptance information is normally sent only by email to students. If you need a written acceptance letter for other purposes (than visa/residence permit), please ask for it from Haaga-Helia International Services.

2. I need a Letter of Attendance to complete my EU registration and to apply for the HSL travel card. Where and when can I get it?

You will receive your Letter of Attendance in your Welcome Envelope upon your arrival to Finland. If you need a second copy later, you can get one from your campus' Student Affairs Office or Pasila campus' Services Desk.


1. I do not yet know my campus at Haaga-Helia, so can I already apply for housing?

Please contact Haaga-Helia International Services or your home university’s international office to confirm if you will be studying in Helsinki, Porvoo or Vierumäki before applying for accommodation.

Students who will be studying in Helsinki have to apply for housing with the HOAS housing application which includes a question about your faculty/unit. Please select your unit (campus) according to your field of study:
•     Hospitality or Tourism in Helsinki: Haaga campus
•     Business or IT in Helsinki: Pasila campus

2. Do I need to return my HOAS housing application by mail/email to Haaga-Helia? (This applies only to students studying in Helsinki) 

No, you do not need to return your housing application to Haaga-Helia. You only need to fill in the housing application online to HOAS. We will automatically check from HOAS if they have received all of our students’ accommodation applications. However, students still have to apply for housing by the given deadline.

3. If I arrive during the weekend or before or after the pick-up to Helsinki, where can I get the keys to my apartment? 

Students who arrive in Helsinki during the weekend or after the pick-up should arrange their accommodation themselves until they can collect the key to their apartment. If you cannot arrive during the pick-up, please contact the International Services and check where you can get your keys. You can also ask if your tutor can pick up your keys for you.

4. How much is the deposit for the accommodation for the HOAS apartments in Helsinki?

You need to pay a personal deposit of 500€ to confirm your accommodation. The payment deadline is 1-2 months before the rental agreement starts. You will get the deposit back after moving out, if your apartment is in the same condition as when you moved in.

5. Our HOAS studio apartment in Kamppi (Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 29) is not available until 1 September, is this normal?

The HOAS studio apartments and shared studio apartments in Kamppi are unfortunately not available until 1 September, because the apartments are used as a summer hostel until the end of August. Students staying in these HOAS apartments have to book a room from a hostel/hotel at their own expense until they can move into their HOAS apartment.

For more information, please see Accommodation.

Pick-up Service

1. Because of my exams I can’t arrive to Helsinki during the pick-up, so can my tutor pick me up from the airport at another time?

Pick-up is arranged by public transportation only during the dates and times mentioned under Important Dates and it is not guaranteed outside those dates and times. If you arrive after the pick-up you can check from your tutor if she/he will be able to pick you up, but please note that this is totally up to the tutor because the pick-up is done as voluntary work, and is possible outside the pick-up dates and times only if your tutor has time for this.

For more information, please see Arrival Services


1. Who is my contact person and study advisor at Haaga-Helia?

Haaga-Helia International Services will assign you a contact person from the International Services who will help you with practical and study-related issues before and during your exchange. The name of the contact person, will be informed to you upon acceptance or arrival. In case you have some questions, please contact your own contact person.  

2. From which campuses can I select my courses? 

You can only select courses from the city in which you will live. Please contact the Haaga-Helia International Services if you are not sure in which city you will be studying at in Finland. You can select courses from the campus/campuses in the city where you are studying at, according to your field of study.

3. Am I able to take the courses with prerequisites?

You are able to take courses with prerequisites. We do not expect that exchange students would have completed the exact courses that are a prerequisite for the Finnish students, but you should have the same level of knowledge to be able to successfully follow the lectures. This means that if the course is e.g. an advanced level course of marketing, you should have already studied some marketing courses before. Please check the course prerequisites from the course description. Links to course descriptions can be found on the course list.
Please note! In some courses (especially advanced level business courses) you may have to pass a placement test in order to prove having prerequisites needed for the course. According to the test result teacher decides whether a student can attend the course or not. 

For more information, please see Studies.