International Sales and Marketing

Kuvituskuva: opiskelijoita Porvoon kampuksella

Passion for Sales? Salespeople are always needed in global businesses regardless of economic trends.

Sales jobs today are consultative, professional challenges that require solid business skills but also strong people-orientation. Hardworking sales professionals can count on a fast career track, versatile working days and a generous compensation for the strategic work they do, and for the added value they create for the company.

In the DP in International Sales and Marketing the students are exposed to an inspiring and unique learning environment where they have to step out of their comfort zone, take on different roles, encounter people, learn to listen and understand customer needs, identify opportunities, and create solutions together with the customers.

Bachelors of Business Administration have strong professional skills in the following fields:

  • Business and Entrepreneurial competences
  • Sales and Service competences
  • Personal and Professional Growth competences

Learning takes place in meaningful and challenging real business projects in multicultural teams. These commissioner contacts help students develop their professional networks during the studies, which is the key to employability in today´s business. The right attitude and motivation to grow are a must.

There will be no intakes for Degree programme in International Sales and Marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA

ECTS credits: 210 ECTS credits

Degree Programme: International Sales and Marketing, BBA

Campus: Porvoo

Mode of Study: Full-time day programme.

Employment opportunities after graduation: Customer service specialist, Sales manager or assistant, Sales analyst, Traffic and product planner, Marketing manager or assistant, Account manager, Entrepreneur

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