Information about the Europass Diploma Supplement

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The Europass Diploma Supplement is an appendix to higher education diplomas for use in international contexts.

The European Commission has awarded Haaga-Helia the Diploma Supplement Label. The Diploma Supplement Label is a recognition that the Diploma Supplement Haaga-Helia gives its graduates is in accordance with the Diploma Supplement recommendations given by the European Commission, Council of Europe, and UNESCO.

The following text has been prepared by the Finnish National Agency for Education:

The Europass Diploma Supplement is an appendix to higher education diplomas for use in international contexts. It includes additional information about the qualification completed for purposes such as employment and further studies. In Finland, all higher education institutions issue Diploma Supplements automatically to all graduates.

The Europass Diploma Supplement includes additional information about your studies and qualification, the level of your qualification and the competence that it provides to access further study and employment. It also provides information about the higher education institution that awarded the qualification and the education system in the country where it was awarded.

The Europass Diploma Supplement is a document developed jointly by the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. The Europass Diploma Supplement is a personal document and it is not a substitute for the original diploma: it is always presented in parallel with the original diploma. 

Further information is available from your higher education institution and on the Europass website.

Recognition of Finnish qualifications abroad

The international principle for recognition of qualifications is that the receiving party makes an interpretation of the level of a foreign qualification and the qualifications that it provides. The Diploma Supplement does not automatically guarantee recognition of the qualification, but it helps by providing additional information about the qualification.

Finns leaving for another country in search of work are advised to check in advance with the target country’s authorities about the qualifications recognition procedures in place in that country and the types of documents that they will require.

Other Europass documents

Europass is a portfolio of documents open to anyone who needs a structured way of diversely presenting their skills and competences.  Europass supports internationalisation and mobility both at home and abroad. 

Europass consists of the following five instruments or documents:

  • Europass CV

  • Europass Language Passport

  • Europass Certificate Supplement

  • Europass Diploma Supplement

  • Europass Mobility

Further information and documentation: 

Finnish National Europass Centre

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