ICT Services and Systems, Master's Specialisation

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The ICT Services and Systems specialisation prepares the students to lead the development of ICT services and systems by applying the best practices of ICT-service management for enhancing business operations. The specialization is targeted at ICT professionals and the studies require experience gained from previous ICT studies or work experience from the ICT sector.

During the studies, the students learn different models to implement ICT-services and master the continuous development methods. They will become able to assess and utilise new technologies to provide organisations with knowledge management solutions that meet their needs.

For example, students can study the following themes in the specialisation:

  • digitaliation
  • IT systems
  • architectures
  • information and communication technology
  • ICT services
  • ICT procurements
  • data security

The specialisation prepares the students for demanding expert, development and managerial work in the ICT sector, such as project management in information system development projects, planning and management of digitalisation in business, consultation and training.

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Specialisation is available in the following programme:

More Information about the Specialisation and Master's Studies

Read more about the specialisation courses and the practicalities of Master's Studies.

Person Responsible for the Specialisation

The Master’s specialisations are lead by professionals with a PhD. Their responsibilities include specialisation courses, thesis topics and promotion of networking within the specialisation.

Master's Specialisation

Specialisation is at the heart of Master's degree studies. Master's degree studies consist mostly of specialisation studies and a thesis is based on the specialisation studies. A student’s specialisation also builds the home base for their professional development and networking.

Students choose their specialisation out of the available options at the start of their programme.

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