Guidance Counselling, Master's Degree

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Guidance counsellors primarily provide advising for Master’s level students.

Every student has an assigned guidance counsellor, whose contact information can be found from Contact information, Master's Degree.

In Uudistuva journalismi the guidance counsellor and the thesis advisor are the same person.

Students of Open University of Applied Sciences are advised by Katriina Haverinen,

The Personal Study Plan, i.e. PSP

The Personal Study Plan, i.e. PSP, is the most important tool for counselling. The PSP is used for the student to plan and construct their personal studies in their entirety and communicate it to the counsellor. The counsellor will verify that the PSP is in accordance with the degree structure. 

You can only be selected for courses during primary selection if the course has been recorded and approved in the PSP. The PSP counsellor will approve the study plan once a year.

You will find good instructions for updating your PSP on Peppi.

Special Needs Support

Have you been diagnosed with a learning difficulty? Do you think that you might have a learning difficulty which causes special challenges e.g. in reading, writing or concentration?

Special needs teachers at Haaga-Helia support students with dyslexia, or other learning difficulties. When needed, special needs teachers can write a statement about special needs arrangements.

If you need special needs support, please contact Heikki Ursin (Guidance Counsellor / Vocational Special Needs Teacher):

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