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Haaga-Helia students have excellent opportunities to acquire the skills and experience needed in the global environment and in today’s working life.

Student exchange

The students of Haaga-Helia have a possibility to complete one semester of their studies abroad in one of the 200 partner universities. Student exchange is organised through Erasmus+ (European), Nordplus (Nordic), FIRST+ (Finland-Russia) or bilateral mobility programmes.

Double degree

Some of our partner universities also offer a possibility to acquire a Double Degree. Double Degree students complete two semesters abroad and receive two diplomas: one from Haaga-Helia and one from the partner university.

Work placement abroad

Completing work placement abroad gives an excellent opportunity for students to increase their professional expertise, language skills, and cultural awareness.
Haaga-Helia gives information, support, and guidance on how to arrange your work placement abroad.

Short term studies in an international environment

In case a long student exchange period does not suit your schedule, attending a summer school or a short international intensive course abroad or in Haaga-Helia (one to eight weeks) could be an option. The courses are accepted as part of your degree at Haaga-Helia.  

Global learning environment

Haaga-Helia offers 9 bachelor’s degree programmes and 5 master’s degree programmes taught entirely in English. In these degree programmes students from about 100 different nationalities study together.

Find out more about the English bachelor's degree programmes
Find out more about the English master's degree programmes

Language studies

At Haaga-Helia you have a great opportunity to acquire extensive and versatile practical language skills. Our language selection includes Chinese, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Through language studies, you’ll also understand the significance of cultural differences in communication and thus be able to act in foreign languages in work assignments that correspond to your education.

International student organisations and tutoring

Haaga-Helia's student union HELGA coordinates three international activity groups:

If you are interested in helping your fellow students, there are three forms of being a tutor: peer tutoring of international degree students, tutoring of exchange students and study-related Callidus tutoring.

More information about tutoring is available on HELGA's website.

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