Experience Designer

Introductory entrepreneurship courses are not enough

The Customer Experience Designer (aka Experience Designer) is run as a game with three levels and the actual work is split into three phases/courses (The Tutorial, The Challenge, and The Final Boss Battle). First, you learn how to use service design, then you work together with company partners, and in the end, the best solutions are put into practice.

The Experience Designer is a 30 ECTS competence package at Haaga-Helia, which starts in January 2023 and ends in May 2023. It brings together students and teachers from all Haaga-Helia campuses with top-notch company partners.

The aim is to learn to design Super Experiences, which truly enhance customer engagement. ​ For that, students will develop a new set of competences, which express the specific profile of an Experience Designer and the competences' progress is measured during the studies.

During these studies, you will go through some extraordinary experiences yourself and you will create memorable experiences for others. After the semester you will simply not be the same person. ​ You will learn how to make an impact, and people will remember you and how you made them feel WOW whilst learning the mindset of a designer. In short, you will acquire competences that robots will never learn.​ 

As an Experience Designer, you will learn together with other students from the various HH degree programmes and with representatives of leading companies. Sometimes you will meet intensively at Vierumäki, Pasila, Haaga, or Porvoo campus, sometimes virtually with your team, and sometimes just by yourself.

Interested? Please, let us hear from you

Send your short, free-form application to the following e-mail address: experience.designer@haaga-helia.fi ​ by the deadline 20.11.2022​ 

The application should include​:

  • your name and email address​ 
  • name of your degree program ​ 
  • a brief (150-200 words) motivation statement​ of why you are interested​

List of previous partners: 

  • 2019 Kesko, Fujitsu Finland, Robert Bosch 
  • 2020 Jungle Juice Bar, CMB restaurants, Robert Bosch 
  • 2021 Sofigate, Lassila-Tikanoja, Sport fund 
  • 2022 Accoutor Finago, Posti, Ähtäri Zoo, Mall of Tripla