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13th Entrepreneurship Education Conference YKTT2019
Wed 2 – Thu 3 October, 2019

The conference takes place at the Pasila campus of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

The organizer reserves all rights to all changes in the programme.

The conference is organized in co-operation with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and University of Helsinki / Department of Economics and Management. The main theme this year is:
The Trail of Entrepreneurship Education – From Childhood to Future Work and Entrepreneurship.
The main theme is examined through metacompetencies, experiental learning and sustainable development. We welcome also contributions to the following five theme groups:

1. Future competency needs and entrepreneurship competencies

2. Experiential learning and the pedagogy of entrepreneurship education

3. Entrepreneurial culture in different learning environments
4. Growth into entrepreneurship in different contexts

5. Entrepreneurship education and sustainability

Programme for the Entrepreneurship Education Conference YKTT2019 26.9.2019