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Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and development at the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education generates new learning solutions for vocational schools, universities of applied sciences and also businesses and other organisations. We address learning from the perspectives of teaching and counselling, communities and networking, and research and development.  Most of our projects involve extensive networking and close cooperation with educational institutes, research organisations as well as businesses and other organisations.

In the area of teaching and counselling, our focus is on dialogue-based counselling, personal counselling, peer counselling, online counselling as well as on the counselling practices of vocational schools and universities of applied sciences.

In the development of communities and networks, we focus on the role of internal and external expert communities in vocational education and the networks they establish. Emphasis is placed on educational organisations and the networks they establish with companies and other organisations. The key R&D themes are management, the development and generation of competencies within communities as well as the sharing of competencies.

We are interested in the evolution of vocational education and working life needs, and also the role of education in regional development. We aim to produce new tools and operating models for teaching and the integration of R&D with teaching and the needs of working life.

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Annica Isacsson, Research Manager, annica.isacsson(at)
Johanna Luostarinen, R&D-coordinator, johanna.luostarinen(at)
Pirjo Aura, R&D-coordinator, pirjo.aura(at)