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Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in English

Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in English

At Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences students can study Bachelor’s degree programmes and Master’s degree programmes.

Haaga-Helia offers 40 Bachelor’s degree programmes out of which 8 are conducted in English.

Degree programmes conducted in English, full-time studies

  • DP for Multilingual Management Assistants, Pasila campus
  • DP in Aviation Business, Porvoo campus
  • DP in Business Information Technology, Pasila campus
  • DP in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management, Haaga campus
  • DP in International Business, Pasila campus
  • DP in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo campus
  • DP in Sports Coaching and Management, Vierumäki campus
  • DP in Tourism and Event Management, Porvoo campus

Degree programme conducted in English, part-time studies

  • DP in International Business (evening education), Pasila campus

Master's degree programmes conducted in English

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