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Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki

Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki

Want a career in global business?

The International Business programme offers a great base for those wanting to build a career in global business. Students will acquire both generic and specialized skills needed in expert and managerial positions as well as entrepreneurs.

The core studies provide a comprehensive introduction to business operations in an international setting such as marketing and sales, accounting and finance, human resource management, international trade, project management, supply chain management, data analysis, business law and economics.

The specialisation major and minor studies offered are:

  • Customer Relationship Management and Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management

The specialisation studies (50 ECTS) can consist of 30–50 ECTS credits of major and 0–20 cr of minor studies. Additionally, the final thesis is written in the area of the major. The minor studies can be a combination of many specialisations. Some of the courses are offered as evening or virtual studies. The major studies begin in semester 3 or 4 and the offering depends on the students’ choices, typically 3–4 of the majors will be offered each autumn and spring semester.

Language and communication studies (25 cr) support the growth to an efficient communicator and networker. The students’ intercultural teamworking skills are developed with the variety of learning approaches, for example, project work together with companies and PBL (problem and project based learning). Career plans with service and sales orientation are strongly supported. All students are encouraged to include an exchange semester or work placement abroad in their degree; this is compulsory for Finnish students.

We offer also Degree Programme in International Business as part-time studies.

Bachelor of Business Administration (tradenomi), 210 credit points (ECTS)

Full-time studies that begin in January 2021

Campus: Helsinki, Pasila

Application period from 2 to 16 September 2020 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +2)

  • The entrance examination in Finland will be held in Pasila Campus, Helsinki, Finland on 6 October 2020.
  • The entrance examination in Russia will contain two phases: 1) supervised electronic entrance examination in Saint Petersburg on 7 October 2020 2) online interview on 15-16 October 2020. 

Admission criteria in Studyinfo

Full-time studies that begin in August 2021

Campus: Helsinki, Pasila

Application period from 7 to 20 January 2021 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +2)

  • Online Entrance Examination on 2 February 2021 and 15-19 February 2021 
  • Entrance examination on 9 April 2021 in Pasila Campus 
  • Entrance examination on 10 March 2021 outside Finland (Russia, Saint Petersburg;Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh; China, Suzhou) and online interview on 22-23 March 2021 
  • Information on applying and application form in 

Application period with SAT scores from 23 January to 8 April 2020 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +2)

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Alumni stories

I believe that there are only a handful of universities that can provide you with as many opportunities as Haaga-Helia can – from a ‘tailored’ curriculum with an ability to choose you Professional Specialisation Studies and Free-Choice Studies, exchange studies at one of Haaga-Helia’s many partner universities, to an opportunity to get involved with Start-Up School to get an expert advice on building your own business and to work with real businesses on your student projects. I thank Haaga-Helia for believing in me and supporting my career ambitions and would strongly recommend Haaga-Helia to any enthusiastic young person who wants to pursue a practical business education in a truly international environment.

Anna Komarova 
Analyst, Ardian
DP in International Business, Helsinki

I graduated from Haaga-Helia's Degree Programme in International Business in the early year of 2015. Right after graduating, I was employed and started my work career in sales. Today I work for Fredman Professional Kitchen, a subsidiary of Fredman Group. I am responsible for expanding our Food Tech services abroad. I work solely in international sales and develop our global network and sales channels. We are an ambitious company striving for the perfect kitchen and you might recognize our kitchen consumer products under the brand, Eskimo.

From day one, I valued the practicality of Haaga-Helia's courses and gained valuable hands-on experience before starting my work career. The most memorable and useful projects dealt with internationally operating case companies. These projects prepared me to take responsibility, bring value, and communicate to real existing companies. These skills are one of the most important requirements in my current job. In addition, I appreciated Haaga-Helia's teachers and their commitment on working towards course agendas and how well they prepared me for working life. I am grateful for all the great opportunities that Haaga-Helia provided me with during my studies.

Tuomo Röppänen
Sales Manager, Fredman Professional Kitchen
DP in International Business, Helsinki

Prior to my studies with Haaga-Helia I was unsure on where I would “best fit” in the working environment. The International Business programme contains a wide variety of studies and guidance that helped me understand my skills, potential and my motivational triggers. The applied nature of the studies also meant that the transition into the working environment was simple. I work now in a global business and the multicultural environment of Haaga-Helia helped me to consider the various aspects of cultural awareness.

The specialisation in Supply Chain Management set me up perfectly for my career and now I am responsible for measuring the on-time delivery performance globally, delivery cost per unit calculations, delivery quality and for sourcing and contract negotiating with logistics service providers. My studies also led me to completing a further study in Six Sigma and through completing my thesis I became a black belt in this methodology. Working in a Startup company requires me to have a wide skill set and to solve problems that are not always related to my specialisation. The programme gave me an excellent toolkit to tackle challenges facing modern businesses. Additionally, I was very happy to see that sustainability and the social and environmental challenges we face were also considered within the studies.

Adam Burnage
Logistics Specialist
HMD global Oy

Haaga-Helia provided me with the relevant skills for starting my career. Being able to see the big picture, quickly diving into new topics, finding solutions to solve business problems, consolidating and summarizing information – these are just a few examples of what is appreciated in the workplace nowadays.

Another important aspect of the studies was learning to communicate with different stakeholders (other students, companies, professors & guest speakers) in different settings. The ability to have a professional approach to networking and teamwork not only helps at work, but in life overall – Haaga-Helia provides a lot of opportunities to train in this field and I am very grateful for that! My fellow students from Haaga-Helia are still my closest friends and we actually collaborate on some of our tasks, since some of them have opened  their own marketing agencies or started working in other global companies.”

Julia Dolgopolova
Marketing Manager, Bromma
DP in International Business, Helsinki

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