Digital Business Opportunities, Master's Specialization

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The Digital Business Opportunities specialization prepares students to identify and utilize the business opportunities offered by leading-edge digital technologies.

It provides a multi-disciplinary study platform for business development using new digital technology. The specialization enables students to assess the maturity of new technologies and apply them in the digital business transformation.

For example, students study the following themes in the specialization:

• modern digital service design driven by customer experience
• AI-based business analytics for business development
• business process rationalization using robotic process automation
• business transformation based on new technologies and trends

The specialization provides the student with generic knowledge which can be applied widely in any industry and business or in the public sector. No prior knowledge is assumed when starting the studies, but the student must be prepared to acquire the basic programming skills independently.

The specialization is targeted at ICT professionals who want to specialize in business development, and at business developers who want to specialize in utilizing new digital technology. The specialization provides students with an excellent qualification for managerial and specialist positions in the field of digital transformation. Examples of such job positions include: development manager, technology manager, business developer, digitalization specialist and digital transformation consultant.

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Specialization is available in the following programmes:

More Information about the Specialization and Master's Studies

Read more about the specialization's courses and the practicalities of Master's Studies.

Master's Specialization

Specialization is at the heart of Master's degree studies. Master's degree studies consist mostly of specialized studies and a thesis on a topic under the specialization. A student’s specialization also builds the home base for their professional development and networking.

Students choose their specialization out of the available options at the start of their programme.

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Person Responsible for the Specialization

The Master’s specializations are lead by professionals with a PhD. Their responsibilities include specialization courses, thesis topics and promotion of networking within the specialization.

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