Demonstrate your Competencies


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Did you know that you can demonstrate the competencies you have built up at work or in your spare time and get credits for it? At Haaga-Helia, anyone, not just degree students, can demonstrate their competencies, after paying the Open University of Applied Sciences fee.

What is it about?

We all have a wide range of competencies that we gain in our everyday lives. Competencies are constantly generated through work, hobbies, reading books, studying, and so on. When we are aware of our own competencies and make them visible, we can make better use of them for ourselves and others.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your competencies and get credits for the knowledge you have gained at work or in your spare time. If you have competencies that meet the objectives of the course, you can take any of the courses offered at Haaga-Helia by demonstrating your competencies.

This page contains instructions on how to demonstrate the BBA key competencies and the first part of work placements. If you want to demonstrate your competencies from other courses in the degrees, you should contact the teacher of the course. The teacher will give you the instructions or tell you where to find them.


  • If you have acquired competencies from previous higher education studies, your credits may be transferred to your degree on the basis of a certificate or transcript of records. Generally, credit transfer is only granted to degree students. Read more about credit transfer here.
  • If you know that you will in the near future at work or in your hobbies acquire competencies related to content of the degree, you may be able to complete the studies by Work & Study.  Read more about Work & Study here.
  • You can also do Masters studies by demonstration, credit transfer, or Work & Study, but there are specific guidelines for that. Read more about the recognition of learning in Masters studies here.

Demonstrating Key Competencies

In Haaga-Helia's current curricula, all degrees include common Key Competencies (50 credits in total), in addition to which each degree has its own Key Competencies (20-60 credits).

The Haaga-Helia Key Competencies include a broad range of work-life and business competencies. The degree-specific Key Competencies, on the other hand, include general knowledge in the field concerned. If you have been in work life for several years or have gained knowledge in other ways, you will certainly find studies to demonstrate from the key competencies.

Read more detailed instructions on how to demonstrate your competencies below.


    Demonstration of Finnish Defence Force Leadership Training

    You can take advantage of Finnish Defence Force Leadership training in your Haaga-Helia studies by demonstration. In a demonstration, you are expected to show the competences you have attained earlier in Finnish Defence Force Leadership Training (AUK/RUK).

    How to proceed:

    1. Log in to Finnish Defence Force Leadership Training, Moodle-page. (course key: demonstration)

    2. Submite a copy/picture of the Defense Forces certificate and essay to Moodle, according to the instructions found on Moodle. The Course is evaluated as (accepted - rejected).

    Demonstration of Basic Work Placement

    If you have work experience in your field of study, you can demonstrate the first part of the work placement (10-15 credits) of your degree at an Open University of Applied Sciences or as soon as you become a degree student.

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