Ohjaus tulevaisuuden työhön -hanke

The student's counseling for the work of the future

The aim of the project is to develop processes, models and structures for the work of the future, to strengthen teaching staff career counseling skills and to develop future work career counseling.

There are six universities of applied sciences creating a national consortium in the project and the work is being divided between them.

The main actions are

  • developing and modeling the processes and structures of career counseling and pedagogy
  • finding out the possibilities of AI (artificial intelligence) in career counseling process
  • developing education of the futures career counseling
The student's counseling for the work of the future

Project manager: Päivi-Katriina Juutilainen
Duration: 2019–2021
Partners: Haaga-Helia UAS, Turku UAS, Häme UAS, Tampere UAS , Centria UAS
Funding: European social fund

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