SolFoil’s solar-heated packaging could revolutionize camping - "ClimateLaunchpad was a great opportunity to improve our business"

Last year, the Finnish SolFoil participated in the international ClimateLaunchpad business idea competition coordinated by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. The competition aims to find new and sustainable solutions to prevent climate change.

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Nina Borger, the CEO of solar-heated packaging solutions developing SolFoil, says that ClimateLaunchpad is a great opportunity to develop a business. 

- The competition gave us many valuable insights. It helped us to improve our business, especially from the perspective of sustainable development.

According to Borger, the competition was plain and well organized.

The Boot Camp and coaching support each other well. At the same time, they give the competitors good preparation for the ClimateLaundpad national competition and the international final.

- We got to hone our pitch with professional coaches and learn more about startup development and sustainable development.

Borger thinks the competition is worth all the time and effort it takes. For this reason, she is also willing to recommend others to participate in it.

- You will get from the experienced coaches of the competition all the mentoring and sparring you need for the competition.

EXCEPTIONAL TIMES has caused people to hike in nature at a record pace. As a result, sleeping bags, tents, camping stoves, and other camping equipment sell like hot cakes.

That is also a great opportunity for SolFoil, which develops patented solar-heated packaging solutions that are suitable for both heating and cooking.

According to Borger, the idea arose from her own needs when she was spending time with her children and friends on one of Helsinki's numerous recreational islands.

They planned to prepare food on a portable charcoal grill, but due to the risk of wildfire, the use of the grills and cookers was prohibited for visitors.

- As you can probably guess, the queue for the public grilling area was huge, so to our disappointment the whole lunch had to be canceled. That's where the idea of SolFoil started to evolve.

SolFoil's goals are efficiency, health, and environmental friendliness. This is also reflected in the products under development, which Borger says are light, safe, and easy to use: the contents of the package become warm when placed in sunlight.

- Most portable products for outdoor dining are large and heavy. They also produce smoke and can pose a fire hazard.

According to Borger, the products under development will be most useful in situations that require light and safe heating solutions for situations where the sun is the only available energy source.

For the third time, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is coordinating the Finnish ClimateLaunchpad business idea competition, which will be organized this year in cooperation with Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences.

Finnish ClimateLaunchpad registration is open until May 30. Submit your green business idea and join Finnish ClimateLaunchpad today!

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