RefWorks subscription ends 31 December 2021 – save your references for future use!

Use of the reference management program RefWorks will end at Haaga-Helia at the end of this year. If you want to keep on utilizing references saved in RefWorks, you need to export them to another reference management software. Read more below the photo.

Kalenterissa 31.12.
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Why does the subscription end?

RefWorks subscription cannot be renewed, because the terms of the licence agreement are not compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation of EU. Negotiations with ProQuest, the company that owns RefWorks, have been unsuccessful. For this reason, Finnish higher education institutions have decided to end their subscriptions by end the of year 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience to RefWorks users.

How can you save your references?

Export your references from RefWorks to another reference management program. ProQuest has confirmed that users will have access to their references for two months after the subscription is terminated. Thus, deadline for exporting references is 28 February 2022. However, individual users can contact the RefWorks support team should they need help exporting their references from RefWorks after 1 March.

Haaga-Helia’s library will provide support for exporting references from RefWorks to the free reference management program Mendeley. However, Haaga-Helia is not responsible for customer information provided for Mendeley or how the information is used.

We are in the process of producing guides and video tutorials on Mendeley. During the fall semester, we will organize training sessions in exporting references from RefWorks to Mendeley. Later, we will provide training in using Mendeley for reference management. Information on the guide materials and training sessions will be provided this fall. In the meantime, you can take a look at these guides:

What will happen to your unfinished manuscript in Word or Google Docs?

References created with Write-n-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager cannot be edited after the RefWorks subscription ends. In practise, you will need to create a new document and add references to your text with Mendeley’s add-in Mendeley Cite.

More information: Eeva Klinga-Hyöty