Microsoft Stream Classic retirement – videos have to be moved elsewhere

Microsoft is discontinuing its Stream (Classic) video service. It will be possible to export videos to the newer Sharepoint-based Stream and continue to use them in this way. 

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Microsoft announced that Stream Classic will be discontinued. The service will expire in February 2024 and will be replaced by Stream on SharePoint.

New content for Stream Classic can not be uploaded after August 15th. Users can not access or use Stream Classic from 15th October onwards.

It is now recommended that people who have used Stream Classic go through their own videos. There is likely to be a lot of old redundant video, as already 40% of the videos are 'orphaned', meaning their owner is no longer enrolled at our institution.

It is possible for the video owner to upload the old video to their own computer and from there back to Teams, allowing the old video to continue to be used for educational purposes. More detailed instructions on video conversion will be updated at a later date.