Master info letter, September 2023

Please find below topical information for Master students.  

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Places left on the second period implementations

There are still places left on the following second period implementations and enrollment is open until October 20.

  • Urban Air Mobility for Last Mile Delivery ATB4HM104-3002, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening online 
  • Brand Experience Development EXP4HM103-3010, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening online 
  • Työntekijäkokemuksesta työnantajabrändiin LEA4HM004-3023, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening online 
  • Tietoinen johtaja LEA4HM005-3026, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening online 
  • Employee Experience and Employer Brand LEA4HM104-3009, 23.10.2023-15.12.202, evening online 
  • Data Analytics RDI2HM102-3023, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening online 
  • Developing Sales Oriented Organisation SAL4HM102-3007, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening online 
  • Talouden johtaminen strategiatyössä STR4HM005-3011, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023, evening contact 
  • Experimental and Engaging Strategy STR4HM103-3006, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023 evening online blended 
  • Responsible Business and Sharing Economy STR4HM104-3010, 23.10.2023-15.12.2023 evening online 

Instructions for Master thesis updated 

Starting from September 1, 2023, an abstract written for the thesis will serve as the maturity test. The maturity test is written in Finnish or in Swedish, if that has been the language of the student in the secondary school education. In all other cases the maturity test is written in English.  In case that the student's school language was Finnish or Swedish and the student is writing the thesis in English, the student writes an abstract in English to the published version of the thesis and in addition an abstract in Finnish or in Swedish for the thesis advisor.  See instructions: Thesis, Master's Degree | Haaga-Helia > 3. Finalising.

Guidelines on how to use artificial intelligence 

Haaga-Helia has developed a guideline for its students on how to use artificial intelligence. The guidelines help students to use AI to support their studies and learning in a useful and reliable way. Read the guidelines from our website

Wrong dates for thesis workshops

Unfortunately, the thesis workshops’ registration form had the wrong dates for a few workshops. The corrected dates are listed below and the dates have been corrected on the registration form. We apologise for the inconvenience!

  • Information search and tips for finding relevant sources (Eng) 9.10. (not 23.10.)  
  • Tiedon havainnollistaminen 13.11. (not 20.10.)  
  • Opinnäytetyön viimeistely 20.11. (not 27.11.).  

Thesis peer group 

Feeling stuck with your thesis? Want support from other thesis writers? Join the thesis peer group! The purpose of the group is to receive and share peer support, encouragement and motivation with other thesis writers. Group is open for everyone regardless of your field or stage of the thesis. Meetings are hosted by study coaches. Read more and sign up here. 

Do you need individual support for study fatigue? Study coaching can help you with study difficulties. Please contact them with any questions or concerns, and they will help you find the best way forward:

Language café 

Do you want to learn Finnish? Welcome to the language café in the Pasila campus library!  In the language café you can use Finnish with native speakers in a relaxed atmosphere. We can chat about anything – the most important thing is to chat in Finnish. Library offers you coffee and tea. You don't need to prepare in any way, you can just show up!

We don’t have any specific requirements for people’s language skills. If you know just a few words of Finnish, you can always join our café and just listen people chatting. 

The language café is taking place in the Pasila campus library, in room 3204. Check the specific dates from the website.

Safer space  

If you observe or experience inappropriate treatment you can contact us on a low threshold using the notification form. The situation will be handled according to Haaga-Helia's intervention model for students 

. The notification will be received by Haaga-Helia's harassment contact person, and it will remain confidential. Explore Haaga-Helia's Safer Space approach on our website and be part of influencing everyone´s well-being at our university.

Urasuunnittelun webinaarit ja klinikat (only in Finnish) 


  • Rento rullaus - 7 askelta hyvään ajankäyttöön ja hyviin tuloksiin -webinaari, to 14.9. klo 15–16. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin etukäteen klikkaamalla tätä linkkiä


  • Näin teet erottuvan ja markkinoivan LinkedIn-profiilin -webinaari, to 26.10. klo 15–16. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin etukäteen klikkaamalla tätä linkkiä


  • Näin löydät piilotyöpaikan jopa alle kuukaudessa -webinaari, to 16.11. klo 15–16. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin etukäteen klikkaamalla tätä linkkiä


  • Näin onnistut uran tai alan vaihdossa -webinaari, ma 11.12. klo 15–16. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin etukäteen klikkaamalla tätä linkkiä

Boostia työnhakuun -klinikka

  • Ma 9.10. klo 15–17, tila 2201. Ilmoittaudu työpajaan etukäteen klikkaamalla tätä linkkiä.  

Career development webinars offered by Laurea 

Haaga-Helia's Master students are welcome to open career development webinars offered by Laurea UAS. 

Master thesis 

The thesis should be started at the beginning of the third semester i.e. second study year the latest. You can find support and information from Master thesis web page and on the Applied Design Research course. If you don’t have a thesis topic yet, remember to participate in the Master seminar of your specialisation where you can get support for ideation.