Master info letter September 2022

In this info letter we introduce a couple of new courses starting in the fall, a list of courses you can enroll to in the second period and other topical issues for Master students.

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The following courses offered in the second period still have open places 

  • Luovan suunnittelun ja tuotannon johtaminen COM4HM006-3003 – Intensiivi 
  • Leading Creative Planning and Production COM4HM106-3003 – Intensive  
  • Emerging Technology Opportunities DIG4HM104-3004 - Nonstop virtual 
  • Artificial Intelligence in Modern Business DIG4HM106-3007 – Virtual 
  • Brand Experience Development EXP4HM103-3005 – Contact evening  
  • The Fundamentals of Circular Economy in Hospitality EXP4HM111-3001 - Nonstop virtual 
  • Johtajuuden peilit LEA4HM003-3007 - Online ilta HUOM! Muutettu online-toteutukseksi 
  • Työntekijäkokemuksesta työnantajabrändiin LEA4HM004-3011 - Online ilta 
  • Tietoinen johtaja LEA4HM005-3013 - Online ilta 
  • Reflective Leadership LEA4HM103-3004 – Virtual 
  • Conscious Leader LEA4HM105-3005 - Online evening 
  • Evolving Organisations ORD2HM101-3017 - Contact evening 
  • Learning Culture in Organisations ORD2HM102-3017 – Virtual 
  • Acting as Coach and Facilitator ORD2HM103-3011 – Intensive 
  • Organisaatiot muutoksessa ORG2HM001-3021 – Intensiivi 
  • Oppimista edistävä organisaatio ORG2HM002-3016 - Kontakti ilta 
  • Coaching ja fasilitoinnin taito ORG2HM003-3019 – Intensive 
  • Coaching ja fasilitoinnin taito ORG2HM003-3020 - Kontakti ilta 
  • Kiertotalouden liiketoiminnan ja palveluiden kehittäminen OTH8HM005-3002 – Blended 
  • Data Analytics RDI2HM102-3012 – Contact evening  
  • Asiakaspolun kehittäminen ja asiakaskokemuksen johtaminen SAL4HM003-3010 - Kontakti ilta 
  • Developing Sales Oriented Organisation SAL4HM102-3004 - Blended evening 
  • Talouden johtaminen strategiatyössä STR4HM005-3006 - Kontakti ilta 
  • Strategy in Practice    STR4HM102-3013 - Virtual 

Enrollment is open until October 21 till 4 p.m. The course schedules can be found at the timetable machine (Lukkarikone). 

If you for some reason are not able to attend a course please remember always cancel your participation either yourself (you can cancel enrollment yourself in your IPS if the teacher has not accepted you yet) or directly to the teacher if your enrollment has already been accepted. 

New course in Entrepreneurial Business Management Specialisation (in Finnish) 

Yrittäjämäinen johtaminen (virtuaalitoteutus, myös Master-taso)
Lue lisää ja ilmoittaudu 7.10. mennessä: 
Lisätietoja: Tiina.Brandt (at) 

New 3UAS course on Transition Design 

5 cr, for both Bachelor and Master Degree students
Transition Design bounds together futures, design and system thinking and their methodology. The intensive week will be held in English. The assessment criteria for Bachelor degree and Master degree students and the tasks included are different. 

Enrollment period: 15th August – 31st October 
Intensive week - transition design sprint: 24th – 26th November 

Master seminars for the specialisations 

the specialisations’ Master seminars are a terrific opportunity for getting acquainted and networking with other students. You can also get ideas and support for starting your own thesis at these events.  

The schedule of the seminars for the fall of 2022 is:

Tue October 4, 17.40 o’clock in Pasila in English
Thu November 17, 17.40 o’clock in Pasila in Finnish 

Please note: The seminars for Strategising in Organisations students will be held online on the dates and times above. 

The Master seminars for Porvoo LUJOM students are:

Wed September 14, 7.15 o'clock in Porvoo
Tue November 1, 17.15 o'clock in Porvoo 

The Master seminars for the Sustainable Aviation Business students are online:

Thu October 13, 17.40 o'clock
Tue November 22, 17.40 o'clock 

Master Thesis 

The Thesis work should be started at the beginning of the third semester i.e. second study year the latest. You can find support and information at and on the Applied Design Research course.   

Master Thesis workshops are available every semester and are open to all students. The topics, schedule and enrollment instructions can be found at under Thesis workshops. 

Specialisations’ Teams/Moodle channels 

Please remember to follow the Teams Channel/Moodle of your own specialisation. There you can find topical information on your specialisation and materials from previous meeting sessions.  

Career Service webinars and Zoom sessions on better self-knowledge 

Haaga-Helia's career planning services are available for you during your study time. Please check the self-learning materials and upcoming webinars at the JobTeaser service. The first webinar in the fall is about time management (in Finnish): 

Rento rullaus - 7 askelta hyvään ajankäyttöön ja hyviin tuloksiin Ti 20.9 klo 15-16 

Zoom sessions on discovering one’s own strengths and better self-knowledge Wednesday mornings will continue in the fall (in Finnish): 

Students’ healthcare fee due by September 30 

Please remember to pay the healthcare fee by September 30. 
Higher education students must pay the healthcare fee unprompted to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland). The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS, Finnish abbreviation YTHS) provides the healthcare service for students. The fee is obligatory to all degree students. 

Please read more about the fee and student healthcare