Master info letter, December 2023

The autumn semester and year 2023 is coming to an end. Hopefully the new year and spring term will bring along pleasant and interesting matters in studies as well as in other fields of life. Please find below topical information for Master students.  

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Service break within datacenter services and second enrolment round  

Central hub in Haaga-Helia’s datacenter will be replaced after New Year. All Haaga-Helia datacenter services will be shut down on week 1. Only cloud services such as email, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive will be available. The service break will start on Wednesday 3rd of January and most of the work will be done on 4th of January. Services will be restarted on 5th January. Status of the job will be updated in Haaga-Helia webpages. This maintenance break will affect all the campuses. Please note this break especially if you are planning to enrol for spring implementations during the second enrolment round. The second enrolment round begins on 2 January 2024 at 8.00 am and ends at 16.00 on the Friday of the week before the implementation begins. 

Master studies start on week 3 i.e. from January 15, 2024 onwards. The course offering can be found on Master students’ timetable web pages. On the same pages you will also find the link to Timetable tool (Lukkarikone) where you can find detailed schedules for courses. There are still places left on the following spring implementations: 

  • Data-analytiikka, TKI2HM002-3036: PER 4, ONLINE 

  • Acting as Coach and Facilitator, ORD2HM103-3025: PER 3, CONTACT, WEEKEND 

  • Markkinointi ja myynti metaversumeissa, COM4HM008-3002: PER 4, CONTACT 

  • Sovellettu tekstianalytiikka, DIG4HM007-3006: PER 3-4 , VIRTUAL, NONSTOP 

  • Robotic Automation, DIG4HM103-3007: PER 3-4 , VIRTUAL, NONSTOP 

  • Digital Ethics, DIG4HM108-3001 : PER 4, ONLINE, BLENDED 

  • Fostering Creativity and Innovativeness at Organisations , ENT4HM110-3002: PER 4, ONLINE, BLENDED 

  • Project Courses of Entrepreneurship, ENT4HM112-3002: PER 4, ONLINE 

  • Service Design, EXP4HM101-3009: PER 3-4, CONTACT 

  • From Services to Experiences and Transformations, EXP4HM102-3007: PER 4, ONLINE 

  • Strateginen henkilöstöjohtaminen, LEA4HM001-3027: PER 4, ONLINE       

  • Tietoinen johtaja, LEA4HM005-3024: PER 3, ONLINE 

  • Asiakaspolun kehittäminen ja asiakaskokemuksen johtaminen, SAL4HM003-3017: PER 4, CONTACT, BLENDED 

  • Verkkokauppa myyntikanavana, SAL4HM004-3006: PER 3, CONTACT, BLENDED 

  • Kiertotalouden ja ympäristövaikutusten johtaminen, OTH8HM017-3001: PER 4, ONLINE 

  • Intercultural Business Communication, OTH8HM104-3008: PER 3-4, VIRTUAL, NONSTOP 

Electronic degree certificates 

The goal is that from January 2024 students graduating from Haaga-Helia's Bachelor's or Master's degrees will receive an electronically signed degree certificate. Students will no longer receive paper degree certificates, but after graduation it is possible, if necessary, to order a certified paper copy of the degree certificate for a separate fee. Graduation ceremonies will still be organised, but degree certificates will no longer be handed out at these ceremonies.    

Do you want to be Haaga-Helia's Master Brand Ambassador? 

What is it like to study for a Master’s Degree at Haaga-Helia? Would you like to share your feelings on Haaga-Helia's social media channels?  The social media ambassadors are students from different disciplines who share their own study experiences. We want to share authentic student stories from our diverse students. There is no need for a previous experience in performing or marketing. Haaga-Helia will pay a fee for all tasks. The ambassadors will have an orientation, and Haaga-Helia's marketing and communications team will be available to provide support. If you are interested, please contact master(at) 

Master seminars in the spring 2024 

In the Master seminars, topics for theses are brainstormed, and in addition, the graduating students present their thesis.  

Master seminars take place on the following Mondays from 17.00-19.30: 

  • February 5th in English 

  • March 25th in Finnish 

  • April 22nd in English 

The teachers responsible for specialisations inform the students separately about the seminar agenda and place. 

Thesis workshops in the spring 2024 

The thesis workshops support the planning and implementation of the Master thesis and are intended for all Master students. Participating in the workshops is voluntary and does not accumulate study points, but according to the feedback, they are useful at every stage of the thesis. The enrolment will begin in the beginning of January and you will find the enrolment link on Master thesis websites and in the section 'Master seminars and thesis workshops'.

Thesis workshops from 17.00 to 19.00 

  • 22.1. Mindfulness opinnäytetyössä  

  • 12.2. Opinnäytetyön rakenne ja rajaaminen  

  • 26.2. Työkaluja ja innostusta kirjoittamiseen 

  • 26.2. Thesis writing workshop: practices and tools for writing 

    • Huom! Sama päivä – opiskelija valitsee kielen ilmoittautuessaan. NB! Same day, student chooses language version when enrolling to the workshop 

  • 4.3. Tiedonhaku ja vinkit hyvien lähteiden äärelle 

  • 11.3. Information search and tips for finding relevant sources 

  • 8.4. Kriittinen kirjoittaminen ja teoreettisen viitekehyksen rakentaminen 

  • 8.4. Critical writing and building of theoretical framework 

    • Huom! Sama päivä – opiskelija valitsee kielen ilmoittautuessaan. NB! Same day, student chooses language version when enrolling to the workshop 

  • 15.4. Tiedon havainnollistaminen 

  • 6.5. Opinnäytetyön viimeistely / Final steps of the thesis process (in Finnish & in English) 

Method workshops on Tuesdays from 18.00 to 20.30 

For Tuesday’s method workshops, one must book a personal meeting time by email no later than the evening before. Emails addresses are: firstname.surname(at)

  • Quantitative methods (e.g. surveys) > Principal Lecturer Pirjo Saaranen  

  • Qualitative methods (e.g. interviews, content analysis) > Principal Lecturer Juha Lindstedt 

Extra method evenings from 18.00 to 20.30 

Extra method evenings will be held in English in the spring. 

  • 6.2. Interviews and content analysis. Assessing reliability and validity, Principal Lecturer Juha Lindstedt 

  • 27.2. Questionnaire design and use of Webropol for collecting data. Analysing and presenting quantitative data, Principal Lecturer Pirjo Saaranen 

CERN Bootcamp 

CERN Bootcamp is an innovative study concept, which is co-created together with CERN, universities and companies for each implementation. Bootcamp provides a unique international learning experience to the group of Master’s degree students with multidisciplinary educational background. The focus of the studies is to solve societal problems or challenges of the case organizations by applying service design methods to have a genuinely people centered, empathetic approach. 

There will be 21 places available for Master’s degree students from Haaga-Helia/Laurea/Metropolia. The selection of students will be made based on the students’ study achievements, phase of studies, motivation to participate, interaction skills, and the information provided in the application form and group discussion. Read more and apply here

Application period: 28.11.2022-29.1.2023 via website 

  • Pre-selection of students: by 10th February 2023 

  • Group discussion: 2nd March 2023 between 12-18 (Online) 

  • Student selection: by 10th March 2023 

  • Kick-off in Finland: 24.-25.3.2023 

  • Intensive program in Geneve: 5.-9.6.2023 

Internationalisation possibilities for Master students

Join this session if you are interested in international intensive courses or student exchange possibilities. The session will be held in Zoom on Wed 17th Jan from 16.00 to 17.00. Join Zoom Meeting: / Meeting ID: 615 3007 7365 

Master thesis 

The thesis should be started at the beginning of the third semester i.e. second study year the latest. You can find support and information from Master thesis web page and on the Applied Design Research course. If you don’t have a thesis topic yet, remember to participate in the Master seminar of your specialisation where you can get support for ideation. 

Master team on Christmas break  

Master team is on Christmas break between 22.12.-1.1. You can reach us again starting from Jan 2 on Master e-mail address. The teachers will be available starting from Jan 8.  

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!