Haaga-Helia participates in the Joulupuu campaign 29.11.–9.12.

This year, Haaga-Helia is participating in the Helsinki Joulupuu campaign, which collects gifts for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who without the Joulupuu campaign might not receive a Christmas present at all.

Joulupuu-keräyksen logo.
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This year, Haaga-Helia staff and students have the opportunity to participate in the Joulupuu campaign at the Pasila campus. Our donation target is the aftercare service of the Helsinki Social Welfare Department.

You can bring your gift to the Joulupuu collection point on the Pasila campus from 29.11.–9.12. The collection point is in room 1204a or you can leave your gift at the information point on weekdays from 7.30–19.30. 


  •  Bring your gift wrapped. The contents must be able to be checked, so a gift bag is a good option.
  •  Fill in the packing card at the collection point and attach it to the gift with a string. Mark the package card with your gender/unisex, age and the contents of the gift. If the gift is a gift card, mark the card with the store where the gift card is accepted and the amount of the gift card.

Tips! Gift recipients are young adults aged 18–25 in aftercare who are starting life in their own home. They prefer gifts of household items (textiles, small kitchen utensils, etc.) and gift vouchers to shops selling such items. Gift vouchers to clothes shops are also popular. Gifts should be either new or homemade and unused. The recommended value of a gift is around € 25.