Haaga-Helia Online expands its offering – unique experts make the courses unique

The new online courses are offered by internationally recognised experts from the top of the business world.

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Haaga-Helia Online has launched new courses that correspond to the competence development needs of the service business.

The developers and educators of the courses are top experts with extensive experience in international business and in various successful development projects in rapidly changing markets.

New courses in hospitality business

Hospitality Brand Design course is led by a true branding expert, Ron Swidler, who has over 30 years of experience in building brands. Swidler works as Chief Innovation Officer in The Gettys Group in the United States and is a sought-after visiting lecturer in the world's leading hospitality schools.

Effective Leadership in Modern Hospitality gives students modern tools for service business management. One of the instructors of the course, Kalle Ruuskanen, is among the leading experts in customer experience and change management in the Nordic countries.

Value Creation in Hospitality is created by an expert from Haaga-Helia, Lecturer Markus Kauppinen, who has 25 years of experience, for example, in sales in the hospitality industry. During the course, students explore value creation from the point of view of hospitality business.

Haaga-Helia Online course selection keeps growing

On the online platform, Haaga-Helia Online offers broad and advanced study modules that include digital learning materials, assignments and other support material. All studies can be completed on one's own pace, which makes them very suitable to do alongside work.

All studies are in English and thus designed also for international students. For every successfully completed course, students will receive a certificate, which can be used, for example, when applying for a new job or in university studies.

With the online platform, Haaga-Helia makes its own contribution to provide solutions for competence development challenges in the business life. The course selection expands continuously. You can read more about our latest courses from the website haagaheliaonline.fi.

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