Grow as an international expert - Information about language and culture studies at Haaga-Helia, spring and summer -24

First selection is coming up. In addition to the key studies, please remember our high quality language and cultural studies offer. Courses provide good support for other professional skills despite your degree.

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In particular, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Global languages - all courses in German, French, Spanish and Russian, and especially levels 3 and 4 (where English is always used as a supporting language). If you want to include important world languages in your studies, first-choice registration is essential. These skills are proven to increase your chances in the job market. The rise of certain countries in the business life is also reflected here, which is why we have chosen to offer French-speaking market and culture studies (CONTACT, on different campuses) in the spring.
  • Swedish - Svenska för marknadskommunikation takes you into the world of Nordic marketing communication. Interesting and useful, especially for those interested in marketing and communication. Two implementations are offered CONTACT (Porvoo) and ONLINE.
  • English and International Communication - Advanced Professional English (ONLINE), English for Academic Purposes (ONLINE), English for Professional Presentations (CONTACT, Porvoo) and Knowledge of the European Union and Public Administration (CONTACT, Pasila).
  • S2 - Fluency in Finnish can be the skill that really opens the doors to Finnish working life. From a higher level, we would like to highlight in particular Finnish Language and Culture 4 (CONTACT, Pasila), Let's speak Finnish (CONTACT, Pasila) and Finnish for Work 2 (VIRTUAL INSTRUCTED).

You can find the course descriptions in the study guide. More general information about the language studies, our experts and our networks (including Ulysseus courses) can be found on our website.

For more information, please contact Marjaana Halsas.

Competence Area Director
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