FSHS: Influenza vaccinations start in November 

Free vaccines will be distributed to risk group students and university students in the social services sector.

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Risk groups include those, whose health is at significant risk from influenza or who have repeated close contact with people at risk of severe influenza. This may include people with diabetes, chronic heart or lung disease and pregnant women and people who work in social services.

Check THL's website to see who can get the free flu vaccine.

Where and when can I get vaccinated?

If you fall into one of the categories mentioned above, you can get the flu vaccine at a FSHS or partner service point in your place of study or training. You can get the vaccination at any FSHS-owned service point, but partner service points only vaccinate university students studying in the respective locations.

Vaccination is organised differently in different locations. In some of the service points, students will need a personal vaccination appointment. In some places, mass vaccination days are organised without an appointment.

For more information on appointments, service points and other vaccination-related information, click here. Direct link to the YTHS website: https://www.yths.fi/en/news/2023/influenza-vaccinations/

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Source: FSHS