Are you ready to test sustainable proteins? The Sustainable Cooking book has been published

Sustainable Cooking for Planet project, with seven international partners, has published an e-cookbook.

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You will find a variety of dishes with vegetal or insect based proteins from amuses to desserts, main dishes and street food, for many different situations. All recipes are created and tested by the partners in the project in a special training event where students were cooking in international teams.

The goal of Sustainable Cooking for Planet project is to facilitate the change of our eating habits towards more climate friendly direction by updating catering and culinary teachers' skills in the field of nutrition and culinarism.

The aim is to increase the knowledge and skills of kitchen professionals, in order to increase the use of alternative proteins in professional kitchens. Alternative protein in this project means substitutes for meat, poultry and fish, e.g. new plant-based protein sources, but also insects.

The project will produce a course that can be used in vocational schools and polytechnics to train future kitchen professionals in the use of alternative proteins

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