AI-TIE Southern Finland was launched on last Thursday

The AI-TIE Southern Finland project coordinated by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was kicked off last Thursday at the Pasila campus. A total of fifty business representatives participated in the event.

AI-TIE Etelä-Suomi
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The AI-TIE Southern Finland project, aimed at developing the artificial intelligence expertise of SMEs in Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso, was kicked off at the Pasila campus of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences last Thursday.

The event attracted more than fifty company representatives.

The aim of the AI-TIE Etelä-Suomi project is to bring the latest artificial intelligence solutions within the reach of SMEs.

At the same time, it aims to steer the AI ​​discussion from a general level toward industry-specific training, mentoring, and accelerator activities. At the core of it is to renew the business functions of SMEs and increase their turnover to be more profitable.

The need for an accelerator is obvious

Many were looking forward to the start of the project.

Company representatives liked particularly the panel and networking discussions organized in connection with the event. Networking discussions allowed them to share their thoughts with other participants, who are struggling with exactly the same kind of problems.

According to Haaga-Helia's project manager Anna Ruohonen, 75% of the more than thirty companies participating in the accelerator have said that they are not yet using artificial intelligence in their business. 

One could argue that the need for an accelerator is obvious. 

- However, companies see versatile potential in artificial intelligence, especially in the field of developing products and services, sales and marketing, as well as customer service and quality control, she says. 

Haaga-Helia and Laurea universities of applied sciences are responsible for the implementation of the AI-TIE Southern Finland project. 

Cursor, the development company for the Kotka-Hamina region, acts as a communication and network partner. The project is financed by ERDF (REACT-EU) and the Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Council.

The virtual course is now open

The AI ​​in Business virtual course was also launched during the kick-off, and it's now open to the registration of business representatives. In the course, participants learn to apply the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence to the development of their own businesses.

The course is built especially for the needs of SMEs.

The course does not require previous artificial intelligence knowledge, and it can be finished completely at the participant's own pace. On average, finishing the course takes about 10–15 hours to complete.

After completing the course, the participant will master the basic terminology of artificial intelligence and will be able to plan the uses of artificial intelligence based on the needs of their own company and future strategic goals.

The course is completely free of charge and is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund ERDF (REACT-EU) and the Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Council.

You can find more information about the course at: or

AI-TIE Etelä-Suomi


AI-TIE Etelä-Suomi


AI-TIE Etelä-Suomi


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