Voimahali 12.5.2021

Kuvituskuva opiskelijat yhdessä
Student Event

Join us for a open Voimahali (=powerhug) discussion at Zoom!

VOIMA and HALI projects aim to support the well-being of Haaga-Helia students during the pandemic and want to know your experiences and thoughts on the matter. The projects will be holding Voimahali meetings once a week until May, and the next one will take place on Wednesday, May 12th from 2 to 3 p.m.

The corresponding experts change weekly, and some meetings also have a theme which will announced in advance. At the upcoming Voimahali meeting, university chaplain Kaisa Iso-Herttua will be discussing with students. The topic of the discussion will be specified later.

Participants are also free to discuss other issues related to well-being of students. Please, join us for a discussion or just come about nd listen to what other students have to say about the matter.