Unboxing an Entrepreneur: From Hardship to Leadership

Reinforcing the entrepreneurship competence and mindset among university students
Student Event

Are you fascinated by the real stories of entrepreneurship that textbooks don't tell? Discover the raw and transformative journeys behind successful business leaders at our upcoming event.

Why Attend?

  • Engage with entrepreneurs through their tales of trials and triumph.
  • Participate in a dynamic Q&A session with our speakers.
  • Savor the warmth of connection over traditional Finnish glögg, pastries and snacks.
  • Get the chance to win a scenic Helsinki city tour tickets by sharing your feedback.

Meet the Voices:

  • Bambi Dang: CEO & Co-Founder at Finest Future, recognized for championing innovative educational programs and fostering entrepreneurship on a global scale.
  • Villehart Qvickström: Founder & CEO of Bongos, who has infused his passion for dance with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the dance training landscape.
  • Sonja-Maria Ignatius: CEO & Co-Founder of Kausal, dedicated to providing actionable climate solutions through technology for cities and governments.
  • Angela Oilinki: Founder & CEO of the Nordic Alegna Group and GlamJam, blending strategic insight with a resilient approach to business development and growth.
  • Jaakko Kaikuluoma: Co-Founder & CEO of Teamspective, leveraging his extensive experience in B2B SaaS to drive meaningful workplace communication and engagement.

Brought to You By:
International Business students from the Teamwork and Project Management course (HRL001HH1AE-3024), under Laurianne Bellotti’s expert guidance, showcasing academic learning applied to real-world scenario.

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Join us for a night of discovery and inspiration at Haaga-Helia and unbox the essence of entrepreneurship and leadership.